Sandy Lane Elementary School Remodel


Category |  EDUCATION 

Client       |  Pinellas County School Board

Location  |  Clearwater, FL

Fleischman Garcia Maslowski (FG+M) is currently designing a remodel for both the campus and interior of this aging Clearwater Elementary School. The project’s remodel goal is to divide the open plan layout with permanent walls (including new doors, framing, paint and marker boards throughout) to create dynamic, state-of-the-art spaces fostering a creative environment where students utilize art to enhance their learning experience.

The project’s second goal is to create a more functional area for parent pick up/drop off and entrance to the school that fully embodies the arts-integration theme so that all who enter are immersed in the arts. Additional improvements include updates to fire suppression, security cameras, intercom systems, IT networking, HVAC expansions, new automatic LED lighting, the addition of sinks into all classrooms, and new ceilings and flooring throughout the entire school. The building’s entryway will be entirely updated with the creation of a new lobby space, administration suite with adjacent conference room, and façade improvements to the exterior entryway of the school.

When complete, the campus design will exemplify Sandy Lane Elementary Conservatory for the Arts theme for classroom innovation and social interaction with adaptive learning spaces. This revitalized campus will help to boost enrollment in this neighborhood school that will become home to many progressive Pinellas County School programs.