We employ an iterative design process that seeks to craft places serving each client’s project vision. Design is a journey we take building relationships with our clients. We invite open discussions with our clients for every design decision as they are valued collaborators in shaping the program, determining a direction and defining success. Our design explorations include detailed analysis, physical models, and virtual reality to create a highly inclusive and collaborative process.


FGM is sensitive to the nuances of place and precedent. Every intervention inevitably modifies a pre-existing context. Our projects are deeply grounded in the physical and cultural context by the combined interaction of nature, climate, culture, and craft. They are integral parts of the fabric of the context while seeking to improve it. Place defining elements are used as fragments reconfigured to define a new wholistic place.


Architecture is a multi-sensory experience. It impacts how people feel emotionally, but also, sociologically and psychologically. Our designs focus on creating a balance between vision, touch, smell, hearing, and memory of senses. This transpires, not only, in our attention to detail and material selection, but also, our sensitivity to local craft and biophilia. Architecture has a role to play in providing people with architectural places that make them feel the presence of nature.


The act of building has an impact on our environment and climate. Sustainability is integral to our design process. It goes beyond just material selection. Our designs seek to achieve the optimum environment through orientation, shading, and sensitivity to the local climate and culture. We combine the latest building technology with techniques drawn from local traditions.


We always strive to find the most efficient strategy to deliver projects on time and on budget. We integrate Building Information Modeling software from design to construction. Embedded into each project, our BIM solutions are tailored to each client’s needs, delivering tangible added value in the form of model-based analysis, 3D visualization, coordination, quantities, and clash detection.