Dunedin Elementary School

Dunedin Elementary School

Project Type | Education 

Client   | School District of Pinellas County

Location  |  Dunedin, FL


The school consists of approximately 97,500 gross square feet, including two pre-kindergarten, six kindergarten, six ESE, 18 primary, 10 intermediate, and four resource classrooms with related building and site improvements. The cafeteria/multipurpose building is single story construction, while the rest of the school is two stories.

Based upon the concept of the award-winning Shore Acres Elementary School, Dunedin Elementary features a strong, clear organization of buildings: a single story cafeteria/auditorium/multipurpose building, two-story classroom buildings creating a central court-yard, and an administration/media center building with classrooms on the first and second floors.

The Dunedin Elementary design implements the Florida Department of Education's design guidelines, laid out in, "Florida Safe School Design Guidelines: Strategies to Enhance Security and Reduce Vandalism".