Fernando Noriega Palm Avenue Parking Garage

Palm Avenue Parking Garage


Category |  Transportation

Client       |  Ybor City

Location  |   Ybor City, FL

FleischmanGarciaMaslowski designed this four-level, 443,575 sq. ft., 1,200 plus parking facility that occupies two adjoining city blocks separated by a brick paved street in historic Ybor City. Because of this, the garage was designed as two separate buildings, connected on the third and fourth levels by two independent vehicular and pedestrian bridges, resulting in added flexibility in how the facility is used. The facility is shared by the City of Tampa and Hillsborough Community College. The north building side is generally for use by HCC college students.

Due to the nature, location, and character of the surrounding areas, and in particular, the heavy use anticipated for evening activities, this facility addresses certain criteria that played heavily in the design of the garage, including:

• Exceptional high security (well-lit open stairwells and glass elevators)
• Several points of vehicular ingress and egress
• Traffic ingress and egress flexibility for high demand events
• Combination of one-way traffic with 45° parking and two-way traffic with 90° parking
• Clear vehicular and pedestrian signage, making the facility user friendly
• Aesthetic considerations in relation to surrounding historic influences
• Cameras at entry and access points for vehicular and pedestrian traffic and lobby areas
• Emergency phones at each floor level
• Control facilities at entry and exit points
• Design and materials chosen for ease of operation and maintenance
• Construction: pre-cast concrete
• Expansion capabilities (adding a fifth level)