Lee Davis Neighborhood Services Center


Category | Civic + Government

Client | Lee Davis Community Resource Center

Location | Tampa, FL

FleischmanGarciaMaslowski originally designed The Lee Davis Community Resource Center in the late 1980s. The firm then completely renovated and updated the center in 2017 to reflect the county's contemporary needs, allowing it to continue providing a wide variety of services and activities for the community.

Most of the two-story 29,000 sq. ft. brick masonry building's interior is renovated and refinished and includes spaces for Social Services, Aging Services, and Headstart Services. It now houses two new Headstart Classrooms, the Headstart Administration, and a Healthy Living space with fitness components.

The renovation included the creation of a new entry façade which allows for more significant amounts of natural lighting into a two-story lobby, making for a warmer, welcoming, and more inviting environment. The renovated lobby will add a new covered entrance canopy and a new helical monumental stairway. It also includes creating a multi-purpose space, the Queen Miller Room.