Wesley Chapel Library


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The FleischmanGarciaMaslowski (FG+M) design for the new Wesley Chapel Library provides a flexible and collaborative environment with moments of privacy, all connected to the natural preserves, for a multi-generational community. Outdoor spaces become an extension of the library, with the reading porch, event lawn, and nature walk. The building is set back from the preserves to create a large event lawn for the community. The angle of the roof is defined by the height of the trees in the preserves, opening towards the event lawn. Transparency is maximized on the west side of the library towards the natural preserves. A lower roof creates a reading porch where the community can read a book while contemplating nature. The lower roof has a perforated metal skin creating shadow patterns mimicking shadow patterns of the surrounding trees. The reading porch can also be used as a stage for lectures or other events.

Along the liminal space between inside and outside, a series of ‘Bookshelves of Curiosity’ frame the view to the natural preserves. The ‘Bookshelves of Curiosity’ are more then a repository for books. They become seats, tables, art displays, windows, community information boards, signage, etc. The become a social connector for the community. Outdoor spaces are an extension of the library with the reading porch, event lawn, and nature walk.

The angled roof cuts through the mass of the building to invite library patrons through a smaller intimate portal. Patrons are greeted with a gallery wall that extends through the entire library leading to the reading porch. Flexible lounge furniture invites the community to hang out in the lobby and interact, becoming the heart of the community.