Tampa Bay area school destroyed by fire gets new dome

Tampa Bay area school destroyed by fire gets new dome

Published on 10 Tampa Bay WTSP

Link: https://bit.ly/369zYCE

An elementary school in Tampa is about to get its finishing touches after a fire destroyed it, and it needed to be completely remodeled in 2017.

On Friday, a cupola, or dome, was placed on top of Tampa Heights Elementary School.

The school was destroyed in a fire when power was restored following Hurricane Irma on Sept. 12, 2017. The damage was so bad the district was forced to completely renovate the building.

“Tampa Heights Elementary School is more than just a building to this community. It represents and celebrates the rich culture of this neighborhood and surrounding areas. Neighbors built the original school themselves when there were only 45 stars on our American flag. We are thrilled to be able to restore its historic beauty so our students can continue their educational journeys in a gorgeous new home,” said Hillsborough County Public Schools Superintendent Addison Davis.

The 51,000-square-foot building was restored with insurance money at a cost of $16 million. The school is set to be finished by November 2020.